Hotel Nevada Poźrzadło - przy trasie A2 Berlin - Poznań

About Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a modern complex in the village Mostki besides the road A2 (Berlin-Posen-Warsaw), 56km from the german frontier. Its especially created for trucks, cars and busses on the road. On a long journey You find here a perfect location for a rest and the chance to have a break- 40.000m2 right prepared for professional drivers and travellers. During a long trip, from frontier to frontier sometimes a break is naturally neccessary. In the yard You find a comfortable hotel, a gas-station wich offers also LPG, a laundry for trucks, a restaurant, exchange, a pit-stop and a shop with car-parts.
For trucks we exclusevly offer a big, comfortable parking. 24h a day our security and our monitoring take care about you. In the restaurant we offer delicious dinners and drinks. This all for very attractive prices. The long experience of our cooks guarantee the high level of our restaurant. A friendly atmosfere, a restaurant within 80 places and a garden with 40 places, this it what You will find at us. We invite You to check out our actual menue. Online You go with us for free. Best regards
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